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WHY WE FIGHT selected for Venice Gap-Financing Market. More info.


Directed by Volkan Üce, foreseen 2020

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Creative documentary, Belgium



Two shy young men start to work in an all-inclusive hotel. A new, absurd world opens up to them. Colourful bikinis, an abundance of food and the management’s demands ensure they will never be the same again.


Written and directed by Volkan Üce

Produced by Emmy Oost for Cassette for timescapes

Coproduced by Halal (NL), Little Big Story (FR), Onomatopee Films (BE), Magellan Films (BE)

In coproduction with Canvas, BNNVARA

With the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), the Netherlands Film Fund, COBO, CCA, France Televisions, DGD, Creative Europe MEDIA, the Pascal Decroos Fund & the Belgian Tax Shelter