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Directed by Tim De Keersmaecker, 2010

Main Info

Short documentary, Belgium
24’, HD digital, 16:9 anamorphic, stereo, colour


At night, a man stands in the middle of the road. He paints the white markings black. His mind gradually slips back into a faraway realm created by his illness. Some time later, at the mental institution, as he tries to retain a fragile grip on reality, the delusional account of his past begins to unravel. Losing his sense of reality disturbed his life, but at the same time creates an opening for a possible recovery and new hope.


Now available worldwide on Vimeo VOD!


Written & directed by Tim De Keersmaecker

Director of Photography Rik Zang

Editing Stijn Deconinck, Koen Timmerman

Sound design, Music & Mastering Bram Celis

Sound Henk Rabauw

Producer Emmy Oost for Cassette for timescapes

With the support of Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Psychiatric Center Sint-Hiëronymus