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Find me in Kakuma

Directed by Lieven Corthouts & Fabienne Giezendanner, 2017

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Interactive documentary, Belgium-France
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Kakuma in Kenya, is one of the biggest refugee camps in the Horn of Africa. Many children in the camp live without their parents. Phone numbers then remain the only fragile threads that connect them. But due to conflict situations, phone numbers quickly get lost and the children lose all contact with their families. Dot, Nyakong, Souade, Claude, Mitu & Amina and thousands of others are in search for their parents. But how do you that? And how do you fill the days, waiting for them?

Last year, the teenagers of Kakuma helped to design an app to reconnect families. They spread the app over the camp and very quickly 3000 children had signed up. When sharing their personal data in the app, these children all receive an avatar in this interactive documentary. Their avatars are placed on a map of Kakuma; every avatar represents a real person living in Kakuma.

You are in Kakuma. Find the avatar of our 6 main characters among hundreds of other children in the camp and unlock their stories. By watching short film clips, you discover how Dot, Nyakong, Claude, Amina, Mitu and Souade live in the camp without their parents, why they had to flee South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Congo and by which means they hope to find back their family.

Combining documentary storytelling, gaming elements and the impact of digital innovation in refugee situations, FIND ME IN KAKUMA wants to make this invisible reality more visible. Will children and parents be reunited? Find them in the camp and follow their search!


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Belg maakt app die kinderen helpt om hun ouders terug te vinden

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Director Lieven Corthouts

Written by Lieven Corthouts & Fabienne Giezendanner

Produced by Emmy Oost - Cassette for timescapes

Co-produced by Barbara Vougnon - Zéro de Conduite Productions

With the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Belgische Ontwikkelingssamenwerking - DGD, Federale Overheidsdienst Buitenlandse Zaken, Buitenlandse Handel en Ontwikkelingssamenwerking, CANVAS


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